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The Big Robbery of Spa. Hamilton’s win stripped.

As you have probably heard Lewis Hamilton won a good race on Spa circuit in Belgian GP. At start in pole position, Lewis losed the lead to Raikkonen but keep the secon place before Massa. The rce continued with these positions until at 2 laps from the end, start raining on some parts of the circuit. Hamilton reached the leading Ferrari and start a duel with the Finnish. The British tried to overcome Raikkonen at chicane but he was obliged to cut the corner to avoid the collision. This allowed him to pass Ferrari, but correctly Lewis slow down to let Raikkonen pass him. Then Lewis took the wake of Ferrari and pass him at the following corner. The rain increase and both loses a couple of times the control, till Raikkonen hit the wall brokening his car. Now, Lewis could slow down and win the race. But…after a couple of hours the stewards decide to penalize with 25 sec. Lewis for having cut the corner. So the victory went to the other Ferrari and Hamilton was ranked 3rd.

My comment: There seems to be a strange system behind F1 to make Lewis not win penalizing him in every occasion and favour Ferrari. Probably it’s all based on economical problem… a victory of Ferrari brings more $$ to the F1 leaders or… maybe they support Ferrari?? It’s a real scandal how things are going. When Massa was making a collision in the pit lane was fined with 10k $… if yesterday Lewis hit Raikkonen in the chicane they would have shred his driving licence !?!?. We can wait the recourse to FIA…but I have no hope in it…best to stop watching F1 and start follow GP2…  more enjoy and more genuine show…

Highlights of the race (watch it with your eyes..):
[dailymotion x6onn7]

Posted by admin 8 September 2008

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