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Quiz: Name That Driver

Saturday 29th December 2012 Despite tifosi suggestions, Seb’s middle name doesn’t begin with a ‘W’ Lewis Hamilton has two middle names – and believe it or not, one of them is Davidson, as in Ant (now Sky commentator) Davidson. Armed with this bit of priceless knowledge we thought we’d have a look through all the F1 drivers’ full names and see how much our well-informed PF1 readership knew… 1.Whose middle name is Carl?a) Nico Rosbergb) Jean-Eric Vergnec) Sebastian Vetteld) Lewis Hamilton 2.Which former F1 driver-turned-media-star has ‘Marshall’ as his middle name – (a great motorsport middle name.)a) Martin Brundleb) David Coulthardc) Johnny Herbertd) Damon Hill 3.Whose middle name is Erik?a) Mark Webberb) Michael Schumacherc) Nico Rosbergd) Heikki Kovalainen 4. Whose full name should have Diaz at the end (i.e. his mother’s name)a) Fernando Alonsob) Felipe Massac) Pastor Maldonadod) Sergio Perez 5. Whose middle name is Alan?a) Kamui Kobayashib) Jenson Buttonc) Mark Webberd) Daniel Ricciardo 6. Kamui Kobayashi was named after ‘Kamuy’ in Ainu mythology. But what does it mean?a) A divine beingb) A promise of good fortunec) A strong windd) A tendency to crash into other mythological creatures 7. Who has ‘Lyons’ as one of his middle names?a) Romaim Grosjeanb) Jean-Eric Vergnec) Paul DiRestad) Jenson Button 8. “Nico” Hulkenberg wasn’t christened with this name. What is it really?a) Nicolasb) Nicklausc) Nickeld) Heinz-Harald 9. Kimi’s middlename is often given as Kimi “The Iceman” Raikkonen and occasionally Kimi “The Ice Cream Man” Raikkonen. But what is it really? a) Kimi has no middle nameb) Kekec) Bobd) Matias 10. Vitaly Petrov has a very Russian middle name. What is it?a) Vladimirb) Sergeic) Aleksandrovich 11. Pastor Maldonado doesn’t strike you as the arty type, but his middle name makes him sound very creative. Which is it?a) Michaelangelob) Vincentc) Rafaeld) Leonardo 12. Heikki Kovalainen may not be in F1 much longer but his middle name is not “fingers crossed”. What is it?a) Johannesb) Mikac) Henningd) Sven Answers1. d) Lewis Hamilton2. b) David Coulthard3. c) Nico Rosberg4. a) Fernando Alonso5. c) Mark Webber6. a) A divine being 7. d) Jenson Button8. a) Nicolas9. d) Matias10. c) Aleksandrovich11. ) Rafael12. a) Johannes This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service — if this is your content and you’re reading it on someone else’s site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Gaza Blitz – Turmoil And Tragicomedy At The BBC.

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