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P15 y’all. Better get used to it. P15??!! WTF?? Yeah, I know what you mean. For all those who are not aware yet, I am a Lewis Hamilton supporter. Not a die hard (maybe Bruce Willis) supporter as sometimes he does wrong (he’s only human) and I give him his due shit. I met him in 2007 when he was in Sepang, Malaysia for his second race of his F1 career. I got to know his dad, Anthony well. We had “roti canai” on the streets of Malaysia and I drove them around, well mostly Anthony.So of course I had an interest in his career from the start. The fact that he is a damn fierce racer who throws the car around corners is also the reason why I’m a fan. So yes, I’m surprised as well to see him finish P15. Well, not really. It happens quite a few times with McLaren reliability lately. And with Mercedes, P15 could be his new jam studio.This is what we F1 fans would know and probably accept. Except some of those zombie die hard supporters out there. Yes you know who you are. Please tone down a bit. Lewis is human after all, he makes mistakes. Lets not turn him into a god and associate the real Creator of the heavens and the earth with anything else. It would be extremely “hot” for you. And that’s an understatement.So what’s up with Lewis finishing in P15? Seems he has really planned his move to Mercedes knowing full well all the trappings. In an interview recently, he laid bare his thoughts and they are certainly very interesting.His first taste of Mercedes vs McLaren machinery, he was pretty frank:“The McLaren was better, but that’s not a surprise. I could see last year that the Mercedes was often a second off the best; sometimes two seconds. I was prepared for that. I could tell (in Jerez test) that the Mercedes had less downforce than the McLaren. But it’s not catastrophic. I’ve got ideas on how we can improve two or three things.”Of course the McLaren was better, it was the fastest car at the end of last season. But it tended to breakdown quite often, which is not good if you want to win races. Not good for P15 either.His thoughts on Niki Lauda, his part in getting Hamilton to Mercedes and the wider role at…

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Posted by admin 15 February 2013

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