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Lewis Hamilton crashes Mercedes F1 car during first testing, unhurt

Lewis Hamilton crashes his car during his first testing for the Mercedes Formula One (F1) on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, as shown in the video below. Fortunately, Hamilton, 28, who won the Formula One in 2008, was not hurt. However, further testing for the event was temporarily canceled. Lewis Hamilton, being checked by marshals after he crashed his new Mercedes F1 carCredit: As noted at Guardian that day, Lewis Hamilton crashes his new Mercedes F1 car at the barrier at the circuit race track in Jerez, Spain while on his 15th lap and is approaching Turn 6. The incident occurred a day after the same race car was caught on fire, with Nico Rosberg behind the wheel that time. “Lewis suffered a loss of rear brake pressure, the front brakes enabled him to slow the car but he couldn’t avoid the barrier…we have traced the problem to the hydraulic brake line connecting to the right-rear caliper.” Mercedes AMG F1 (@MercedesAMGF1) tweeted after the incident. “Obvious damage to the front wing and nose. The impact with the barrier also damaged the front left corner (suspension and associated aero parts)…Lewis himself is fine…we will not run again today as work continues with the repairs required on the car.” Mercedes AMG F1 tweeted later. “I must have been doing about 200mph or so before I hit the brakes coming down the back straight. For a split second it was working but then the pedal just went straight down. It wouldn’t work any more. Then I just had to brace for impact. Because I went in straight my legs took a bit of a thump.” Hamilton was quoted at Guardian. “It’s disappointing for all of us in the team because everyone has worked so hard over the winter and we didn’t anticipate this. But I’m glad we got it out of the way now so we don’t have to worry about it in the future.” Hamilton added, who unveiled his brand new 2013 Mercedes F1 WO4 car two days ago. [embedded content]Lewis Hamilton crashes Mercedes F1 car (in Spanish)Video Credit: Senna GP/YouTube Spread The News!Tags: Hamilton crashes Mercedes, Jerez, Lewis Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton crashes, Mercedes F1, Nico Rosberg, Spain Advertisement Recent Related News Dale Earnhardt Jr. big wreck during 2013 Daytona 500 testing causes NASCAR 12-car accident (Video) Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a big wreck at the Daytona International Speedway on Friday, January…

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