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Vettel’s got 3 now, you know..Yeah, yeahbut you’re the strongest. Alonso seems to have mellowed down pretty well these days. His control of his emotions and the way he focuses it where it should go is worth noting. I’ve said it before that I never liked him and his attitude of “me first” or “me only” which was very evident when he was at McLaren but I admire his focus, concentration, commitment and ability to believe in himself these past 2 years.Although his attitude of “me first” or “me only” is still there, he doesn’t push it too much or too obvious anymore, which helps his image of being the people’s champion 2012. But his political skills have become much more evident and polished recently, since last year. He is quite good at playing mind games with his opponents, especially Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull.Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has branded Alonso good at playing politics with Alonso’s snipping of Vettel throughout last year and his use of ancient Samurai sayings. Again recently Marko said that Alonso was good at playing politics:Fernando Alonso, for example, who is busy with politics and funny comments”.Alonso shows his cool side by saying this:I don’t think I am good at politics, I just drive the car. Some recent remarks have surprised me, but I can’t see the sense in them. Some say they don’t read them, don’t hear them and don’t see them, before adding that they are not influenced by them: so clearly they do read them, maybe at night.Maybe at night? Nice one. His latest attempt to again try to ruffle the feathers at Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel’s was his statement about how good Lewis Hamilton is and how Hamilton was and will be the strongest rival for him.Lewis has always won races ever since he has been in Formula One, even in years like 2009, when he had started the season with a car that was two seconds off the quickest. When you look at what happens on track, you are well aware of what he is doing, that’s a fact. Last year, Rosberg won in China, therefore I expect that this year, Lewis in a Mercedes can win more than one race.And just for that light touch of salt:Why do I say Hamilton is the strongest? Because it’s what I think, it’s my personal opinion and there is nothing…

Posted by admin 18 January 2013

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